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Wipe the Google Play Store cache. Cache memory is an awesome tool. By storing data locally, the phone can reduce data usage and speed up loading times.Keep in mind that some apps need each other in order to work properly. Especially when dealing with system apps like the Google Play Store. Or simply hit Force Stop button on Google Play Store by going to Settings > Apps > All. Turn Airplane Mode on.Why Is My Google Maps Not Working On Android Phone? How to Fix! First, go to the Google play store from settings and click the Force stop button.Pls what do its do. The clear cache and data doesnt work for me. Ive rebooted my phone severally and even downloaded the latest google lay app. Errors usually results when the servers and the device are out of sync, an example would be if something has updated on the server yet the phone is still looking into its local storage (cache).Test if it works, if not proceed to Method 3. Method 3: Reset Google Play Store. I was planning on master resetting my phone from scratch this weekend. or should i wait for Google to fix it?Your advice and instructions worked to solve my Google play store issue Thank you Since Google Play stores your information (including the geographic region you originally signed in from), its important to first remove your old account. For this example, were going to start from an account in the U.S. and then move to an account in the UK. Here is what you should if the Play Store app does not work for you.Google always checks your phones time and date for the Google Play Store. In case the application have an incorrect date and time settings it can cause some problems. Google Play Store offers a very simple and easy way to download applications on any Android phone.

It also lets you update the application. However, lately, a lot of people have complained that Google Play Store is not working.

Dear all, i recent update my phone on miui v5 4.8.8 rom but after updation my google play store is not workingmy phone shows "unfortunately, google playI flash the rom of my xiaomi red rice 1s to 36 version, last one of MIUI 5 and from that moment the google play store hasnt connected to internet Switch Google Play Store Country to USA/UK PC/Mac Browser Alternative Method. If the steps above do not work for you for whatever reason, try thisI tried all method involving clearing the data on my Google Play Store app and enable a vpn on my phone under my network and Im using my Tweets not working for you? Hover over the profile pic and click the Following button to unfollow any account.Hi there. Could you tell us a bit more about whats going on with Google Play? Well do our best to help. This video also answers some of the queries below: google play services not working google play stopped working google play store crashing google play storeThis channel is about technology related tips and tricks. You will find tutorials related to computer, iphone and android phones. 593698040 Google play not working on Enterprise wifi.why does my other phone play store work on enterprise WiFi and this does not? dantezmbugua hi, my google play store is currently not working on my phone what could be issue kindly assist googleplay.RClindist shawnmarino10 go to play store down load it it will down load on your phone. This may happen that sometimes Google play store stopped working due to excessive unnecessary data stored in the cache of the device.1. Process System Isnt Responding. 2. My Phone Wont Charge. You fixed my Google Play Store No Connection, Retry Problem Immediately!! Worked like a charm, very nice.I did not connect to Facebook and google play store. After reading this article I saw the date of my smart phone and then laughed at myself . Some details about not working : Installation ok, choose the phone galaxy s3, push apply, alllow root permissions, visit google dashboard My old galaxy note is stillStefan Kuhn. I fixed this by killing the app (and retry changing ) twice in a row and after killing the play store it works on my sm-9005N. Dan. Did not work, Motorola XT 1095. Tried everything. Maybe Google changed the way the Play Store works to make sure.I had 2 Google Play services/Apps on my phone and had to clear Cache and Data on both apps. If Google Play Store seems to be not running (or not responding) on your device, you need to clear cache and data of the app.Step 6: If you are still having problems using the Google Play Store, reboot your phone. I am using a Samsung Galaxy S3 and my friend with the exact same version Galaxy S3 can see the app (he has a working sim card).That happens when you dont have your app supporting your phone. To confirm, check your google play store console. why play store not working on my camon techno airtel sim does not open my smart phone play store. my app store is not opening on my tecno. Google Play store stopping techno cx update. Google play store works as a medium between our smartphones and the awesome apps and games.To force close Google play store, go to your phones settings and open Google play store in the application manager. Google Play Store is a one stop solution to all the apps you ever wish to download on your Android Phone.Ever wondered if Google Play Store stops to work, what would you do if you wish to download any app? Why is Google play services not working on my phone?Which is the best UPI enabled app in the Play Store? How do you block Google Play ads from your Android phone? How can I share the Play Store Quora app with another Android phone? Google Play Store stops responding (only settings in Play Store app is accessible, but content of Play Store dont show up), many apps that use Play Services stop workingWhen the issue occurred, I had Google Play Store 7.1.15 and Google Services Framework 4.0.4-338691 on my Fire phone. Chinese Huawei phones do not have Google Play store or services. It has its own store for downloading apps.I had to install Google Play Services on my phone. After that I was able to download and install every app present there and all apps started working properly. There are times when the Google Play Store not working on Android properly due to some issues like an error message when downloading apps or random crashing.Remember, it will erase all the data on your device. Hence, make sure to back up your phone before going ahead with the process. We know that Google Play Store is a place where we can find all kinds of latest and useful Apps for Android phone and tablets. But after installing Google Play Store, some of you are depressed because the app doesnt work. I got stuck with this yesterday and almost banged my head on the wall trying to get my Google Play Store back to work I even ended up replacing the entire Google Play Store app on my phone. On using Android phone for some days I found two solid methods to log out of Google Play Store in your Android phone or tablet and I decided to explore these methods publicly via my site. After the update some Chinese software was installed and now thge playstore is not working on my phone. I get the message Google play service is not responding.Tap the Enable button. Try opening the Play Store again. int not work in my phone (samsung galaxy y).Mine Google play store says Google play store service has stop working what must i do. Some situation when we try to remotely download apps from Google play web version, it doesnt show our Android phone and tablet.

Like other issues and errors, this is probably a Google Play store app related issue. In my situation, I followed this method and it work. I have internet and I have google play services on my phone but it doesnt seem to want to work for meIm having the exact same issue. It connects and works fine in the Unity Build, but for some reason the version you download from the Play Store doesnt work. I have a problem in my andriod phone galaxy duos .I am not able to download anything from google play store because it doesnt detect my Mobile.I have also tried through computer but the account says No any device is associated with this Simple tips and tricks to fix random crashes and freezes with Google Play Store app on your Android phone. If your Google Play Store is still not working then you need to go back and reinstall the updates.Once the phone restarted, it opened Google Play Store and I had 32 updated waiting smh. Play store, YouTube, Google, gmail now etc apps are not working on both of my devices. It shows connection error. Though other apps work just fine.My issue is only play store are not working in my phone. dantezmbugua hi, my google play store is currently not working on my phone what could be issue kindly assist googleplay.2018-02-11 20:54:06. kosisoemmanuel1 is it just my phone or is google play store currently down? I tried to use Google play on my phone, but it stopt working what should I do? Should I uninstall Google play app store, and reinstall it again?my phone says google play is not working. Google Play Store is probably the only place where you can rely on the latest apps and games for your Android phones and devices.The reason for Google Play not working might be a simple issue or a bigger one but whatever it might be, youll be able to fix it yourself. It wont work from the Google Play Store app for Android. It just my problem! Thanks ) Flavio Wuensche Feb 22 14 at 19:50.Once Google account has been added and setup on the phone go back to the main screen and open up playstore. Play Store is now displaying all paid apps in I am not sure if your other apps are working or not? Try getting what you need from the website from your computer. Your phone should be synced with your account. https Picked up a phone that doesnt come with the Play store preinstalled or simply looking to manually install the latest version?Unfortunately, this method wont work on Amazon devices.On APKMirror, search for and download the latest version of the Google Play store (as of October 16 why does Google play store dont work on my phone?Hello, my google play has stopped working and I uninstalled the google plus and my google play is still not working, Ive tried putting my phone on airplane mode and it still doesnt do anything. If still Play store not working, perform the final step Factory Data Reset of your phone. This could be your only way out of Google Play misery. Your smartphone will start anew and revert back to how it was when you first got it. If not working, download and install latest version of Google Play Store and try again.hello ramnik, Try to stop all Google Services also, along with Play Store from app manager. If it doesnt work, restart your phone then try it again. I uninstall my google play store in my phone,then i reset my phone,now i want goole play store,plz help me how can i install this cox i need?Remove google playstore account. Google play store is not working on the proscan 7" tablet?i was able to download google play store. but is not working Are you tired of Google Play Store Not Working on Android?256 GB Internal Memory Phones. Orbi vs Google WiFi. Best Screen Protector For Galaxy S7. Check Google Play Games again after youve installed the new or matching version. If its working, congratulations and game on.12 tips to free up storage space on your Android phone or tablet. How to sideload an APK or install an Android app from outside the Play Store.

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