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You can read about queryposts in the WordPress Codex here.Exclude posts that belong to a category.Retrieve Post by Certain Authors. If your blog has multiple authors you can retrive them by name or author id like this Add the category to an array of excluded categories.addaction( pregetposts, demoexcludecategory ) The thing about this particular function is that it will exclude posts from that category in every single place wpquery is used. WPQuery is a class defined in wp-includes/query.php that deals with the intricacies of a posts (or pages) request to a WordPress blog.query new WPQuery( array( categoryin > array( 2, 6 ) ) ) You can also exclude multiple categories this way You can exclude multiple categories like this, recentPosts->query (showposts5cat-category1,-category2,-category3) Look at my recent posts widget in the sidebar, Im using the same technique to exclude Quick Updates category from recent posts list. Description. WPQuery is a class defined in wp-includes/class-wp-query.php that deals with the intricacies of a posts (or pages) request to a WordPress blog.query new WPQuery( array( categoryin > array( 2, 6 ) ) ) You can also exclude multiple categories this way I assume here you know how to properly use queryposts e.g. you know you have to reset the query after using it (with wpresetquery).One thought on WordPress: query posts with multiple custom fields.Categories. I have a new wordpress query like this: query new WPQuery( array( postsperpage > 10, cat>-5, paged>paged ) ) Now I want to exclude a second category but I cant seem to get the syntax right.How can I add in a second excluded category please. To exclude multiple posts, separate each ID with a , (comma).

query ->set(postnotin, array(1, 2, 3) ) Exclude Specific Category from WordPress Feed. Fortunately WordPress makes it really easy for us to write a function to exclude category posts from the stream.return query addfilter( pregetposts, wcsexcludecategory ) If you want to exclude category posts from multiple categories then you can specify category IDs separated by The WPQuery object is a class used in WordPress to get the content in your WordPress site.Show Posts In A Multiple Categories By Name.Show Posts Excluding Tags By IDs. There can be several reasons for excluding a category or multiple categories from WordPress RSS feed and I am sure you have one.

function catFilter(query) if (query->isfeed) query->set(cat,-12) return query addfilter(pregetposts,catFilter) This article show you how to exclude certain categories of posts from your WordPress home page or blog index.query new WPQuery( array( categoryin > array( 7, 127 ) ) ) Multiple categories can be excluded using the categorynotin parameter, though its much easier to use Use queryposts to modify the type of posts that are returned for a single loop. Its perfect for limiting the number of posts, excluding posts from a certain category, and so on. If more than one loop is required, multiple queryposts loops could work Customizing the WordPress Query using pregetposts for the main query. Custom WordPress Queries For generating custom queries.DPS Exclude Displayed Posts. To exclude a category or a set of categories, preface the ids with a hyphen: Wordpress query parameters cheatsheet.Pagination refers to having your blog posts spread across multiples pages with next / previous. links to see the next or previous set of posts.category getcategorybyslug(23) queryposts(querystring . cat- . category->catID) How upgrade it to exclude multiple categories?Wordpress error in ajax request of wp-admin/admin-ajax.php not found Wordpress: create lead with contact form and sell dataset via wordpress category issues. Wordpress Query Posts Taxonomy. Wordpress: Using postnotin to exclude custom taxonomy category. WordPress Post Count excluding Posts in specified categories. Now I want exclude the recent post of the facebook that was already posted from my wordpress posts .pagination do not work on index page most so we can make out own ajax pagination call and mostly queryposts() works for pagination rather then WPQuery(). If you want to exclude multiple categories, replace the second line with thisreturn query addfilter(pregetposts,excludecategory) Alternate method. Here is another way to exclude a category from within the WordPress loop In wordpress you can easily exclude multiple categories post by using category name. Let say your Website has a featured section.querypostparam join(",-",categoryidarr) queryposts("cat-". querypostparam) thepost() queryposts(array(categoryin > array(2,6))) You can also exclude multiple categories this waySticky Post Parameters. Sticky posts first became available with WordPress Version 2.7. Posts that are set as Sticky will be displayed before other posts in a query, unless excluded with the queryposts() is the easiest, but not preferred or most efficient, way to alter the default query that WordPress uses to display posts.

This is how you can exclude categories of posts from displaying in the blog. Dynamic Categories related Posts. WP Query in wordpress. WP-Quey Post Page Parameters.query new WPQuery( array( categoryin > array( 2, 6 ) ) ) You can also exclude multiple categories this way Querying posts is used to display lists of posts in various layouts on a static page in WordPress, such as when creating a blog page, etc.For example, you may enter the following 3, 5, 8 which would show all posts from categories with IDs 3, 5 and 8, or you may put -11 which would exclude any remember current category and post . postid wpquery->post->IDI have posts which have multiple taxonomies and id like to change permalink based on the current taxonomy template? I hope my request is clear enough. thanks. queryposts(cat-8) before the main loop and resetting it with wp resetquery()query->set( cat, -1 ) Exclude Multiple Categories from WordPress loop. Excluding pages from the WordPress queryposts loop is easy. You can exclude a page by its ID, Slug or Title. See the example below to get an idea how the WordPress queryposts function can work for you! In this category.Query posts by custom fields. Register fields via PHP. Register multiple options pages. Sort a repeater field. Local JSON. Код WP Query::get posts: wp-includes/class-wp-query.php VER 4.9.4.Set taxonomy, term, and termid to the first taxonomy other than posttag or category. /Return a non-null value to bypass WordPresss default post queries. WordPress provides a very simple way to do this by using its built-in queryargs attribute to apply a filter the WPQuery function, one of theYou can also use this same technique to include or exclude more than one category of post. To include multiple categories, use cat1,2,3 in the values field. Wordpress as a core function sticky posts that is intended for that purpose. Get only sticky posts: postin > getoption( stickyposts ), exclude stycky posts: post notin0. Best practice for multiple queries on page. 0. Posts of specific category on page and excluded from index.htm. getting posts from multiple categories in blog category template. 0. I added a wp-query in front of my loop but it disables any pagination. 4. Exclude category on querypost custom taxonomy. 2. Wordpress: Limit numer of posts per page exclude category. return query addfilter(pregetposts, excludecategory) Replace the xx (mentioned in line 3 of the above code) with the category ID you recorded in step 1 of this WordPress tutorial.To exclude multiple categories from showing up in the WordPress blog page, simply add all of the categories But I want to exclude anything in categories B, 4 and D from the homepage (and only from the homepage), even though they are also in other categories.Recommendphp - Wordpress Get Multiple Posts from Multiple Categories with one query. I want to exclude the posts tagged with homepage. It still shows the post with category name homepageWordPress meta query with multiple key value pairs and relations. Displaying Gravity Forms Forms Outside of WordPress. So you are probably here because you want to know how to exclude a single category, or multiple categories from the homepage of your wordpressreturn query addfilter( pregetposts, thegureexcludecat ) ?> In the above code you will have to replace the numbers: -1,-2,-3 with the query new WPQuery( array( categoryname > staffnews ) ) Exclude Posts Belonging to Category. Show all posts except those from a category[icaddposts tagtag-slug] Show posts with a specific tag. As in categories, it uses slugs, and can include multiple tags separate by commas. The above will tell WordPress to fetch posts that are in any of the categories listed. If you want to find posts in every one of an array of categoriesYou can also use tagid to exclude tags, either when using it for single tags or multiple tags. So to query posts except those with a given tag, youd use WordPress. SOLVED.However Ive used catID as their are many categories sharing this template and each post is within multiple categories. I need a way to list posts from only that category and to exclude some set ones. If I take my test blog and do a search for a simple term, I get posts from multiple categories as shown herereturn query addfilter(pregetposts,excludecategoryfromsearch) If you dont know how to add code like this to your WordPress installation, check out my earlier tutorial on the same. The Simply Exclude plugin works on the simple logic of the WordPress WP Query object.Does this still work if I assign multiple categories to a blog post? This shows posts that are in both categories 2 and 6.The default WPQuery sets poststatus>published, but atchments default to poststatus>inherit so youll need to setNote: ignore/exclude sticky posts being included at the beginning of posts returned, but the sticky post will Find everything in the category EXCEPT featured post: Find A, exclude (A and D). Any help would be greatly appreciated. Im new to WordPress but not coding.queryposts sort in multiple directions. In short, WPQuery is a class to request WordPress posts and pages.In this example, we are going to exclude posts from a specific category. First, we set a new WPQuery in a variable.Cache Query. It should be noted that when you have multiple queries, particularly on a single page Relation: Posts. Complexity: Low. View Product: WordPress Themes. Tags: blog, category, exclude, page, WordPress.If you want to exclude 2 or more categories, you should separate them with comma in the code, example: query->set( cat, -6,-7 ) I have modified a Wordpress query. I need to exclude three values but cannot figure out how to do it. I have read lots of people passing more than one value to match but not to exclude. I have tried several things across several hours. popularpost new WP Query( array( postsperpage > 12 WordPress Previous and Next Button Exclude Multiple Categories. Wordpress queryposts orderby rand not working in category archive template. Wordpress queryposts order by date when excluding a category. To exclude multiple categories posts from WordPress home page return query addfilter(pregetposts, themeprefixexclude category) Replace -11, -12 and -25 category IDs with your own categories IDs. Querying your posts by category allows you to display posts from only one or multiple categories giving you greater control over your custom page templates.?php wpresetquery() Note that, the Categories section also enables you to exclude a category from WordPress list category widget.return query addfilter(pregetposts, excludecategoryfromhomepage) Note that, the categoryidx are the ID numbers of categories to be excluded from homepage.

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