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Conversion factors note: conversion factors rounded.Mpa 0.0069xPSI. bar 0.068xPSI kgf/cm2 0.07xPSI. atmosphere (atm) bar (b) hectopascal (hPa) kilogram per sq. cm (kgf/cm) kilogram per sq. meter (kgf/m) kilopascal (kPa) millibar millimeter of mercury (mmHg) pascal (Pa) pounds per square foot (psf) pounds per square inch (psi) torr (Torr). Conversor Kgf Cm2 Para Mpa The Biggest Web Portal having almost everything. Free Music Songs, Movies and videos,Mp3,Mp4,Flv,3gp,Hollywood,Bollywood,Pakistan,Punjabi,Bangali,Tamil,EnglishConversor Kgf Cm2 Para Mpa - For hydraulic pressures up to 34.5 MPa 352 kgf/cm2. Working pressure Valve structure Applicable fluids.34.

5 MPa. Two-way shut-off. Hydraulic oil. How much of pressure or stress from megapascals to kilogram-force per sq. centimeter, MPa to kgf/cm 2 ? Exchange values and measures from one pressure or stress unit to another unit by quick calculation. MPa kgf/cm2. 98066.5 Pa (pascal) 980.665 hPa (hectopascal) 98.0665 kPa (kilopascal) 0.0980665 MPa (megapascal) 1 kgf/cm2 (kg per sq. cm)The pressure value 1 kgf/cm2 (kg per sq. cm) in words is "one kgf/cm2 (kg per sq. cm)".

This is simple to use online converter of weights and measures. atmosphere - atm bar - b hectopascal - hPa kilogram per sq. cm - kgf/cm kilogram per sq.meter - kgf/m kilopascal - kPa millibar millimeter of mercury - mmHg pascal - Pa pounds per square foot - psf pounds per square inch - psi torr - Torr. sgeresultat for convert mpa to kgf cm2.Quickly convert kilograms-force/square centimeter into megapascals (kgf/ cm2 to Mpa) using the online calculator for metric conversions and more. The initial load and maximum load vary depending on the temperature and operation speed. The load error is 10. . Load kgfLoad N0.101972 Load NLoad kgf9.80665 Nitrogen gas charge pressure kgf/cm2MPa10.1972 MPakgf/cm20.0980665. MPa kgf/cm2 thread Case Clear cover Stud. Indication units (1) Attachment (2).Indication units (1) Attachment (2). MPa MPa kgf/cm2. SUS 304 Poly-(Black carbonate R(PT)1/4 melamine (Hard coated). Operating pressure Model No. MPa kgf/cm2. Maximum Rated 1.MPa kgf/cm2. Maximum Minimum 1. Discharge rate2 L/min. KPa. MPa(torr). Kgf/cm2. Mm hg. MMWC. Conversor de moedas XE. Set up a Rate Alert. Download our App.Links rpidos. Aplicativo XE Conversor de Moedas. Taxas de Cmbio Histricas. Calculadora de despesas de viagem. Convert kgf/cm2 to Mpa - Conversion of Measurement mPa to kgf/cm2 Converter, Chart -- EndMemo. Frmula: 1 MPa 10.197162 kgf/cm2. Com esta calculadora on-line voc pode converter MPa para kgf / cm2. Programa simples para o clculo. This is a translation from Google Translator. kg/cm2 to MPa Conversion Table Scroll down the pressure values from 1 to 1000 kgf/cm to find the corresponding value in megapascals. Alternatively you can use our kg/ cm2 to MPa pressure converter to convert any value. It is important to calculate the load of the safety valve so that the pressure in the heater could not rise more than 0.02 MPa (0.2 kgf/cm2) .Рабочее давление нагреваемой воды, МПа, до. 0,5. Температура воды на входе, С. Conversions from Kgf/cm2. Bars. 249.082 Pa.

kilogram-force per square millimetre. kgf/mm2.kip/square foot kip/square inch (ksi) ksi megabar meganewton/square meter megapascal ( MPa) millimeter of mercury (mmHg) meter of air(0 C) meter of air(15 C) meter of head microbar (b micrometer of mercury(0 C) Max. Working Pressure. MPa (kgf/cm2).Motor Speed (Small Displ.) min-1. Motor Parking Brake Torque. N-m (kgf-m). Unit Weight. kg. The Lucefin Group - Production and distribution of cold-finished, hot-rolled, cold-drawn, forged steels kgf/cm2. to. megapascal millipascal. More information from the unit converter. How many kgf/cm2 in 1 Mpa? The answer is 10.197162129779. We assume you are converting between kilogram-force/square centimetre and megapascal. kgf/cm2. Kgf Cm2 Convert To Mpa. Not Found. Pressure unit conversion between millipascal and kilogram-force/square centimeter, kilogram-force/square centimeter to millipascal conversion in batch, mPa kgf/cm2 conversion chart. MPa.mbar - Millibar (1 mbar 10-3 bar). kgf/cm2 - Kilogram-force per square centimeter. 2015 г. pressure converter - millibar to kg/cm2 - millibar to kilogram per centimeter square - pressure converter formula - best pressure converter.Convertir de Pascal a kgf/cm2 - Продолжительность: 4:09 iEnciclotareas 22 744 просмотра. Pressure unit conversion between pascal and kilogram-force/square centimeter, kilogram-force/square centimeter to pascal conversion in batch, pa kgf/cm2 conversion chart. How many megapascals ( MPa ) are in 1 kilogram-force per square cm ( 1 kgf/cm 2 kgf/cm 2 to MPa?You can do the reverse unit conversion from kg/cm2 to mpa, or enter any two units below 1 megapascal [MPa] 0,101971621297793 Quilograma-fora/mlimetro [kgf /mm].Em unidades imperiais, o estresse pode ser medido em libra-fora por polegada quadrada, que abreviado como psi. Usar o Conversor de Presso fsica, Tenso, Mdulo de Young. Exchange reading in kilogram-force per sq. centimeter unit kgf/cm2 into megapascals unit MPa as in an equivalent measurement result (two different units but the same identical physical total value, which is also equal to their proportional parts when divided or multiplied). Convertir de kgf cm2 psi de una manera facil kilogramos fu centimetro cuadrado psi mas informacion convertir de kgf cm2 psi []Related Articles: Conversor Mpa Para Kgf Cm2. 1MPa. Convert half kgf per cm2 to megapascals: half kilograms-force per square centimeter 0.5 0.0980665 0.04903325 megapascals. MPa (megapascal) kgf/cm2 (kg per sq. cm) The pressure value 2.5 MPa enter the value and click "Convert" button.Conversor de unidades. - Pressure, Stress Pa [N/m2] kgf/mm2 ( 9.80665MPa) (pascal) (GPa, MPa, mPa) bar ( 105Pa O.lMPa). VISIT. Unit Conversion Table New - Technical Information and Conversion Factors MPa to kgf/cm2 Conversion Table Quickly find the equivalent value in kilogram/sqcm units using this conversion list from 1 to 1000 megapascals. 22 Apr 2009 Ben Shelef, CEO of the Spaceward Foundation (host of the Space Elevator Games) Convert half kgf per cm2 to megapascals: half kilograms-force per square centimeter 0.5 0.0980665 0.04903325 megapascals.centipascal [cPa] millipascal [mPa] micropascal [Pa] nanopascal [nPa] picopascal [pPa] femtopascal [fPa] attopascal [aPa] newton/square meter [N/ m2]dyne/square centimeter [dyn/cm2] kilogram-force/square meter [kgf/m2] kilogram-force/square centimeter kilogram-force/square millimeter Kilogram-force/Square Centimeter : A kilogram-force per square centimeter ( kgf/cm2), often just kilogram per square centimeter (kg/cm2), or kilopond per square centimeter is a pressure unit that has been largely displaced the SI unit system of pascal units. Convert 4 kgf/cm2 to kilograms-force per square centimeter: 4 kilograms-force per square centimeter 4 1 4 kilograms-force per square centimeter. A newton is equal to a kgm/s2, and a kilogram-force is 9.80665 newtons, meaning that: 1 kgf/cm2 equals 98.0665 kilopascals. In some older publications, kilogram-force per square centimeter is abbreviated ksc instead of kg/ cm2." MPa to kgf/cm2 Conversion Table Quickly find the equivalent value in kilogram/sqcm units using this conversion list from 1 to 1000 megapascals. Alternatively you can use our MPa to kgf/cm2 pressure converter to convert any value. Megapascals to kgf/m. Convert between the units (MPa kgf/m) or see the conversion table.(MPa) Pascals (Pa ) Pounds per square foot (psf) Pounds per square inch (psi) Torr (torr) Millibars Technical atmospheres. Column of water 12 inches high, 1 inch diameter 0.341 pound. Metric Pressure Conversion Table. kgf/ PSI MPa cm2. Pressure unit conversion between millipascal and Standard atmosphere, Standard atmosphere to millipascal conversion in batch, mPa atm conversion chart.mPakgf/cm2 1 kgf/cm2 98068059.233108 mPa. Pressure resistance MPa kgf/cm2. 1.5 15. Seal material Working temperature range.Nm kgf cm. Flow Direction Fluid must run from socket to plug. Interchangeability Can be connected to Super Cupla plugs. To calculate a kilogram-force per square centimeter value to the corresponding value in MPa, just multiply the quantity in kgf/cm2 by 0.0980665 (the conversion factor). HA-T type Inlet : 20P-PLA Outlet : HA-65S x 2. Working pressure MPa kgf/cm2. Pressure resistance MPa kgf/cm2. Seal material Working temperature range. 1.5 15 / 1.0 10 for Model HA-T.

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