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Definition of return on capital (ROI) in shipping.In the short term the freight rates for tankers, bulk carriers, container ships behave quite differently, but because it is the same group of traders, what happens in one sector eventually ripples through into the others. 2. Definition of FIRR.By solving the above equality, we can obtain the value of r and this r is the Financial Internal Rate of Return( FIRR ). 3. Income Statement as Basis of Cash Flow Analysis. The annual rate of return is the percentage change in the value of an investment. For example: If you assume you earn a 10 annual rate of return, then you are assuming that the value of your investment will increase by 10 every year. Rate of Return. In securities, the amount of revenue an investment generates over a given period of time as a percentage of the amount of capital invested. The rate of return shows the amount of time it will take to recover ones investment. RATE OF RETURN is the gain or loss for a security in a particular period, consisting of income plus capital gains relative to investment, usually quoted as a percentage.Definition (if known): required field. Operating profit (OP or EBIT) is thus q(p-v)-F and the change in EBIT that results from an increase in q is therefore q(p-v) since fixed costs do not change (by definition).1992. Table 3: Air Carrier Rates of Return on Assets and Equity for the Years, 1990-2003.

Definition: The Average Rate of Return or ARR, measures the profitability of the investments on the basis of the information taken from the financial statements rather than the cash flows. It is also called as Accounting Rate of Return. translation and definition "required carrier return", Dictionary English-English online.refuse to accept the shipment and require the carrier to return the specimen to its place of departure. The required rate of return, defined as the minimum return the investor will accept for a particular investment, is a pivotal concept to evaluating any investment. The rate of return is the profit or loss somebody can make on an investment, usually calculated annually - it is the ratio of the investments income over that investments cost. Internal Rate of Return provides a simple hurdle rate, whereby any project should be avoided if the cost of capital exceeds this rate.Cost Management definition. Developing key performance indicators. Financial Definition of rate of return and related terms: Total income per period per dollar invested. .Often an investor has, as one of their investment criteria, a minimum acceptable rate of return on an acquisition. Related Terms Internal Rate of Return. DefinitionGenerally speaking, the higher a projects internal rate of return, the more desirable it is to undertake the project. As such, the IRR can be used to rank several prospective projects a firm is considering.

Internal Rate of Return is the rate or cost of capital that make its Net Present Value become zero.Analytical Procedures: Definition, Use, and Types. The Concept and Use of Balance Scorecard. 65 Interstate rate of return prescription procedures.Carriers who select basic factors that fall within the basic factor ranges for all accounts are exempt from depre-ciation rate prescription by the Com-mission. Of these, marginal rate of return is one of the most valuable tools for a company to determine the most profitable level of production. Relatively simple to calculate and to understand, the indicator conveys a wealth of knowledge in one easy number. Definition. There is much discussion today on the topic of rate of return, without a clear definition of its parameters.Suppose this rate is unacceptably high, as it might be to a regulator, a politician or even a carrier bent on competition. Rate of return definition - What does Rate of return mean?The rate of return refers to either the yield to maturity on a bond or the current income return of an investment such as a security. Definition: Market rate or the going rate is the rate of interest that is readily accepted by borrows and lenders based on the risk level of the transaction.What Does Market Rate of Return Mean? A "fair and reasonable rate of return" in the sense of Smyth v. Ames 2 Bluefield Water Works, and Hope Natural Gas4 scarcely exists today for the major forms of transportation: railroads,5 motor-vehicle common carriers,6 urban transit, water transport, and airlines. rate of return definition, meaning, what is rate of return: the amount of profit that an investment earns calculated as a percentage of the money.Definition of rate of return - English Dictionary. Definition of rate of return rule: Fundamental rule of investment that an investor should make investment where the rate of return is greater than the opportunity cost of the capital (usually the time deposit interest rate). The effective rate of return is the rate of interest on an investment annually when compounding occurs more than once.Effective Rate Of Return (1 i/ n) n-1. Here i stands for the annual interest rate. Rate of Return. 3. Debt Instruments and Markets. Professor Carpenter.

Zero Rates and Rates of Return are Different.p By definition, this expected rate of return is known in advance. Define and explain the internal rate of return method of capital investment evaluation. How is it calculated? What are advantages and disadvantages of this method? Contents: Definition and Explanation. Example. Key takeaway for 2014: What does "adequate" rate of return mean to a given carrier? Rate of return definition: The rate of return on an investment is the amount of profit it makes, often shown as a | Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples. Definition of return. 1 a : the act of coming back to or from a place or condition.(2) returns plural : results. d : the rate of profit in a process of production per unit of cost. 5 a : the act of returning something to a former place, condition, or ownership : restitution. rate of return definition - The gain from an investment expressed as a percentage of the investments principal amount. The rate of return for an interest yielding certificate of deposit This rate of return definition Investor Glossary Homepage.Rate of return is often expressed as an annual percentage for example, an annual rate of return of 5 percent means the investment gained 5 percent over a twelve month period. return rates definition, meaning, English dictionary, synonym, see also return crease,return ticket,return thanks,day return, Reverso dictionary, English definition, English vocabulary. Calculating accounting rate of return helps an entrepreneur or businessman to estimate the worth of the projects he/she has undertaken and whether investments are worth pursuing or not. Here, we have provided the formula to calculate the accounting rate of return Example: an investment of 200 earns 12 for the year, so the Rate of Return is 12/200 0.06 6. In finance, return is a profit on an investment. It comprises any change in value and interest or dividends or other such cash flows which the investor receives from the investment. It may be measured either in absolute terms (e.g dollars) or as a percentage of the amount invested. A rate of return is the gain or loss on an investment over a specified time period, expressed as a percentage of the investments cost. Gains on investments are defined as income received plus any capital gains realized on the sale of the investment. Definition of rate of return: The rate of return on an investment, expressed as a percentage of the total amount invested.Rate of return is usually, but not always, calculated annually. also called return. NOTE D: 1. Loading, by definition in this item includes stowing and counting of the freight in or on the carriers vehicle.Undelivered shipments that are returned to the initial shipper will be subject to applicable rates and charges in effect from the point of return on the date of return. DEFINITION OF TL (Truckload): A TL shipment is any shipment rated as 20,000 pounds or greater or any shipment moving on an exclusive useExcept as specifically provided, carrier will not perform free return of pallets, platforms, racks, reels, skids or shipping carriers or containers (See Note). Over a period of 7 years for price-cap carriers (large incumbents) and 9 years for rate-of-return carriers (smaller, usually rural), the terminating access and reciprocal compensation rates will gradually be eliminated and replaced by a bill keep process (i.e 28. Rate-of-return carriers are subject to the Commissions longstanding Part 64 rules regarding the allocation of costs between regulated and non-regulated activities and to the affiliate transactionThis definition provides that a small entity is any such entity employing no more than 1,500 persons. Internal rate of return (IRR), also called the dollar-weighted rate of return or yield on project, is the interest rate that will bring a series of positive and/or negative cash flows to a net present value (NPV) of zero. (b)Definitions.The Rate-of-Return Carrier Baseline Adjustment Factor, as used in calculating eligible recovery for Rate-of-Return Carriers, is equal to ninety-five (95) percent for the period beginning July 1, 2012. Definition of RATE OF RETURN in the Definitions.net dictionary.Here are all the possible meanings and translations of the word RATE OF RETURN. Freebase(0.00 / 0 votes)Rate this definition This steepness indicates a large rate of return from transferring income from the young to the old. The standard story of entry and exit leads to a long-run equilibrium in which all firms earn only a normal rate of return on investment. average rate of return - Investment Finance Definition. The ratio of the average cash flow received to the amount of funds invested.How would you define average rate of return? Home Fundamental Analysis Accounting Rate of Return Definition.Many financial analysts prefer the accounting rate of return method over other methods since it provides a useful basis for comparison of profitability and risk of various investment options. Impact of These Reforms on Rate-of-Return Carriers and the Communities They Serve.285 E. Rationalizing Support for MobilityWe update the definition of voice services for universal service purposes, and decline to disrupt any state carrier of last resort obligations that may exist. The rate of return on equity is the metric that is generally used to evaluate the profitability of investment opportunities.Since underwriting profit reflects returns solely from underwriting (i.e the difference between premiums and associated losses and expenses), and given the definition of IYop Presentation on theme: "Intercarrier Compensation: Rate of Return Carrier Impacts Washington Utilities and Transportation Commission Workshop February 28, 2012 Jeff Dupree NECA."— Required rate of return (RRR) is the minimum amount of money that an investor expects to receive from an investment. This amount takes into account several factors such as the amount of risk involved, inflation, liquidity and the duration of the investment.

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