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The demo demonstrated that the first accordions animation wasnt fluid at all. jQuery miscalculated the height of the content (.content) because jQuery gave it an absolute position before measuring the height.I recommend using hidden overflow as auto overflow can cause additional jumping You can see that option h3 is set by default, so you dont have to set it in your call. And you get an answer to your question here: JQuery accordion doesnt work without h3 tags. Its pretty important to go through jQuery API to improve your knowledge. Step 2: Install JQuery UI package in package manager console. Or Follow below link. Step 3: Add below css and links in your pageStep 5: For accordion you have to add below code in script section jquery accordion - Download Full project code for jQuery Accordion - Free codes for front-end developersaccordion-container position: relative width: 500px height: auto margin: 20px auto jQuery UI Accordian is an expandable and collapsible content holder that is broken into sections and probably looks like tabs.The heightStyle option is used to control the height of accordion and panels. By default its value is auto. I think what was confusing me is I also took code from this page [hauppauge.com/ jquery/index.html][1] [1]You are initialising the accordion and then you add more options to it. Why are you doing that? Default value for autoHeight is true, so every tab gets a fixed height. Paragraphs Accordion is a module to create paragraphs with accordion effect in your content. It based on Paragraphs and jQuery UI Accordion plugin which already included in core, so no need to install additional libraries. Auto Height Accordion In JQuery. Accordion means options. In Jquery, this accordion declares that other content and HTML element should be treated and managed as accordion (Option) menus. List item. Setting autoHeight: false allows to accordion panels to keep their native height. The jQuery UI has a built in Accordion function which is used to show lots of different sections of data in a small amount of space.

You can say that it works with nested lists, definition lists, or just nested divs. jQuery Accordion. A Pen By Vikas Vermaaccordion-container position: relative max-width: 500px height: auto margin: 10px auto Introduction. This accordion widget for jQuery is a small and simple script that addresses common issues with jQuery accordions in general.example1 border: 1px solid ccc margin: 0 auto width: 250px List item. Setting autoHeight: false allows to accordion panels to keep their native height. Im using a jQuery Accordion, and I want each section to be able to resize dynamically according to the inner content. So I set the styling of .ui- accordion-content-active to height: auto. JQuery UI: disable the accordion tab?Jquery DataTable auto scrolls down on load. I am using the jQuery DataTable plug-in and can not see to find a way to make it scroll to the bottom of the table when the data loads via AJAX.

I am using JQuery Accordion. I have this page here: httpWhat happens is the Auto Height is taking some time to load, before it loads there is a lot of white space below the content. When it finally does load the height will expand to longer then snap up to the correct height of the content. auto. height.The height of accordion container. auto. fit. boolean. jQuery Accordion Plugin Demo/FAQ.This plugin enables an accordion that can use cookies to persist between pages or visits.overflow:auto Search jQuery UI. Accordion. Displays collapsible content panels for presenting information in a limited amount of space.No auto height. Experts Exchange > Questions > jquery accordion auto adjust bar.I have 2 questions: 1.-How can I do to the blue background auto expand to the width of the browser automatic no needed to do in the height. aria-accordion is a lightweight jQuery plugin which helps you create customizable, accessible accordions with support for auto focus, fade animation, Aria attributes/roles and keyboard interactions. How to use it: 1. Add references to jQuery library and the aria-accordion plugins files to the webpage. Setting autoHeight: false allows to accordion panels to keep their native height. In addition, the navigation option is enabled, opening the panel based on the current location, eg. no- auto-height.htmlpanel2 would open the second panel on page load. How to make sure that a navbar dropdown definitely overlays the rest of the body. how to toggle Accordion on Click ? Jquery.overflow-y: auto .kpi-table tbody . display: block height: 40vh overflow-x: hidden I tried your suggestion, but still couldnt get anywhere. Here is the JQuery code I am using