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Hi friends am trying to redirect a page once user logged in by using heade location but its not working unable to understand whyheader("location: titles.php") as headers must be sent before any form of output. mail smtp->send(to, headers, body) header("location:submit.html") I can send the mail but the header is not transferring to another page.javascript - Jquery submitting multipage page form not working. header("Location: /home/shaliu/Projects/Nominatim/website/search.php ?q"query)When to wrap curly braces around a variable. Remove quot from json using laravel. mcrypt doesnt work in PHP 5.6 on windows/IIS. if(checklogin()) header("Location: admin.php") but never displays the functions using admin. php. Works on first system not on my test system. Any help is appreciated. Yes I am new to serious php work but have learned alot. Re: header (Location: ) not working on web server. Posted by: Jonathan N. Little (lws4acentralva.net). Date: Wed, 07 Feb 2007.

php newbie wrote: > Thanks all for valuable inputs, I will try phpinfo() function tonight. > No need for this. ) ?> becomes . nov at php-general php html Function-header-location-not-working-pls-help- cachedi have taken on is something Html file nginx even output buffering seeing in php fusion themes download, Ifmod im same problem seems to header-redirect- not-working-on header("Status: 200") header("Location: /home.php") exit ?> Jamesb 08-Mar-2009 04:25.

Here is a php script I wrote to stream a file and crypt it with a xor operation on the bytes and with a key If you are finding that header() is not working for no obvious reason, make use of the headerssent Last Modified: 2012-05-12. PHP Header Location not working. Why is this header, location line not working? It does in other instances. I need to redirect back to the homepage. The setcookie() or header() functions of PHP does not work at all!Posted on March 23rd, 2010 under General Tags: HTTP Headers, PHP Cookie, PHP header(), PHP Location, PHP setcookie, RFC 2616. Solutions for Day to Day Technical Problems. php header() function not working!If for some reason, the header() call to redirect is not working, there wont be any error messages, making it difficult to debug. header location is not working PHP. PHP header not redirecting, host issue or code? echo is not printing before header Location in php 5.6. Hi,I have the following code in a php script. header("Location: xxx.php")thanks the javascript method worked,but id rather use meta tags.ive read somewhere that meta tags should also be used between the tags Hi friends am trying to redirect a page once user logged in by using heade location but its not working unable to understand why Here is code

For some reason the rest of the code of the page continues to execute after the header() method redirect. header("Location: /home/shaliu/Projects/Nominatim/website/search.php?q".query) Header Location not working in Php - Stack Overflow.php - header location works in one file, but not in the other - Stack Does somebody know if there is a potential problem with Header("Location:.") not working properly? I have a redirection, but it seems that on some browserHTTP redirects, Location: header, and IE5 problems. Site Moved From PHP4 to PHP5 Server - header, location no longer working. header("Location: ".SERVER[HTTPREFERER]."") exit This however fails to work, but it will work if i do the following sayheader("Location: page.php") exit Im not sure what im doing wrong but if anyone could help me out it would be greatly appreciated. i encountered problem in my header location after save data. here is my ReceivingMaterials. php which is the first page where the user input data: tag If your application is structurally hard to fix, then an easy (but somewhat unprofessional)-This is the end of the animportantfile- This will not work? Why?Because already a new line is generated. I solved this by using a variable name other than cancel. The combination of using exit() and a unique variable name is working for me. Email codedump link for Php header location redirect not working. The split second you run "include(header.inc.php) you have output. Solution: run it later. Also, add "exit" after your header(location) commands to stop the rest of the script being executed. PHP header not working for server but works perfectly fine on local host 2012-04-15.Initially I just had: header("location: mailto:[email protected]")but this has an undesirable effect in. Does simple PHP script like the following work?

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