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Function.prototype.apply() allows you to call a function with a given this value and an array of arguments.Theres a few methods for looping over arrays in Javascript.Get the latest in JavaScript, once a week. That code only check the first value of the nested array. If its fine to you, you have just to store the whole nested array, instead the first value. So: Var result array.reduce(function(max, arr) return max[0] > arr[0] ? max : arr ) Notice that I removed -Infinity This is ONLY faster when working with large arrays: about 1000. For smaller arrays it is only slightly slower, if not the same speed.In the Next Post I will benchmark the fastest ways to read and write values in JavaScript arrays. In this post, we will explore various ways to find a particular object in a JavaScript array.To search a particular object, we will use the Array prototype find method. This returns a value on a given criterion, otherwise, it returns undefined. Using just those 2 pieces of information, you can easily check if a value is in an array or not using JavaScript. Read on to find out more.Check whether a string is a part of an array value i.e. match a string with just part of the array value. JavaScript. We also show how to extend the JavaScript Array object with these custom methods. Get a random value inside an array (does not alter the original array) var my array [A,B,C,D,E,F,G] var ri Math.floor(Math.random() my array.length) JavaScript Arrays : finding largest.

JavaScript, how do we return the biggest number on an array?The rest is history, the value of biggestNum is outputted to the screen and voila, weve got liftoff!