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Xbox 360 HDMI no sound. How to get my Xbox to play sound through HDMI like before. Sound with a/v cables is fine. Abhishek Raina: kentuckm134 i have a hdmi cable, the standard a/v cable (the one with red, white and yellow plugs), a dvi monitor, if i buy this dvi to hdmi converter will i be able to use my monitor with sound for my Xbox 360 (monitor - hp w1707) i also have a pair of speakers with 3.5 mm jack. Full Download Xbox 360 To PC Monitor With No Built In Speakers How To Get Sound VIDEO and Games With Gameplay Walkthrough And Tutorial Video HD.Download How To Connect HDMI And DVI To VGA Fo PC Wii U PS4 PS3 Xbox One Xbox 360 With Full List Command And Cheat Files if How to connect your Xbox 360 using DVI to HDMI connection.This is a video on how to setup a xbox 360 on a standard computer monitor with DVI. This is for the monitors that dont have a speakers output or speakers on them.This method does get sound Xbox 360 HDMI to DVI Problem! Any Help?Here I give you a brief tutorial on how to resolve the dreaded HDMI Unplugged dilemma causing no sound to be heard via HDMI when using a TV as a monitor. Abhishek Raina: kentuckm134 i have a hdmi cable, the standard a/v cable (the one with red, white and yellow plugs), a dvi monitor, if i buy this dvi to hdmi converter will i be able to use my monitor with sound for my Xbox 360 (monitor - hp w1707) i also have a pair of speakers with 3.5 mm jack. Can the first generation Xbox 360 support HDMI? Should you buy an Xbox 360? Which Xbox 360 games also play on Xbox one?Related Questions. Are there HDMI 1.4 cables? How do I Hook up my HDMI to DVI Xbox 360 with Sound? Xbox 360 games. Windows 10 games. EA Access.Note If your screen goes dark after you select HDMI or DVI and the screen doesnt reset after 30 seconds, see Troubleshooting a blank TV or monitor while your Xbox One is on. Official Xbox 360 HDMI Cable Black (Xbox 360) Compatible with Xbox One HDMI.Utilize the Optical/RCA Audio adapter for enhanced sound in non-HDMI supported stereo systems.Gold Plated High Speed HDMI To DVI-D Cable for PS3, Blu-Ray DVD, Xbox 360 HDTVs. Is there anyone out there who knows if USB headphones work with an Xbox 360 console? See, Im having trouble getting my Xbox to run on my monitor.Turns out the even thought the HDMI cord is supposed to carry sound as well as visual, the sound cant be transmitted through the HDMI to DVI hdmi to dvi no sound xbox 360.

The Xbox 3 « Gamertag: xeer2000.Hello, I have got the same problem with xbox360.

I get a hdmi to dvi cable and plugged in to xbox and my monitor. But monitor has got no signal. General Xbox 360 (Xbox 360). profile. reviews.Right as we all know DVI doesnt carry sound at all but Ive got a 3.5mm(nomal) DVI audio in jack right beside the DVI slot on my tv, ive tried plugging earphones or speakers into the jack too see if I could receive sound but still nothing at all. SolvedCan i hook my hdmi cable into my xbox360 from my laptop while my xbox is already hooked into my tv and view my laptop screen o Forum.Solvedi accidentally changed the settings on my xbox one from hdmi to dvi. my screen went black imediatly but there is still sound. Hdmi Specific Xbox 360 Elite. Source Abuse Report. Xbox 360 Vga Cable Xbox 360.Hdmi to Hdmi or Dvi 360. Im sure Im not the first to be disappointed by the placement of the output ports on his Xbox360, specifically how the old trapezoidal A/V cable plug blocksAlso, to get this to actually work, youll need the Microsoft Composite A/V cable and an HDMI or HDMI to DVI cable. If I plug my xbox 360 into the HDMI 1 port i will get no sound out of the optical out from the tv to the stereo.I assume because it could not communicate directly with the TV and because Microsoft decided it was best do default to DVI mode in this scenario it was behaving as if I had plugged in a Note 2: The Xbox 360 console supports up to HDMI Spec 1.2. As the specs are backward compatible, there should be no interoperability issues when using AV equipment with different HDMI version numbers. You can connect the Xbox 360 to a computer monitor that has DVI inputs by using the VGA cableHow to Connect Surround Sound to an Xbox2014-06-21. How to Make a WWE Belt with XboxIn the case of HDMI, however, you do not necessarily need an HDMI Xbox 360 cable to connect the 360 to Xbox 360 - Xbox Live Arcade and Marketplace.If so, try turning that off and setting the resolution on your 360 yourself. I had to do that with my HDMI-to-DVI cable. When I disabled Display Discovery while using a HDMI to DVI I was greeted with a blank screen. Since Im running from HDMI to DVI into my DVI monitor, sound is obviously not being carried through the DVI.They make an Xbox 360 audio adapter No Sound On Tv Dvi To Hdmi Solved Graphics Cards. dvi doesnt have audio signal in it, so thats the problem. it doesnt matter if hdmi can carry sound if the signal originates from dvi output Try connecting the .guardare il film su xbox 360. xbox one sound or audio quality problems from settop box connect to your home theater system hdmi fix (video but no here) youtube a s setup connecting headsets for game u turtle beach cable xbox hook up diagram surround receiver rocksmith guitar support e console and installation info dvi computer ever will be, it was designed to work with the original 360 console, how ever if you find a HDMI to DVI audio cable you will probably STILL need a stereo 3.5 mm headphone jack to female RCA xbox one dvi no sound. Managed to get hold of an HDMI to DVI adapter just for the sake of being able to use the DVI port on my monitor with the 360however its purple. Its not a loose connection, and the cables are fine (tested with other equipment). Any ideas? This listing is for a New Sunikoo HDMI to DVI HD Converter. It features a dedicated power supply, coaxial and 3.5mm audio out, and 5.1 Surround Sound capability. The item is new, but has been opened a Hi, Im using a Xbox 360 Elite through a BenQ G2400W monitor. G2400W has a HDMI and DVI port, and I use the HDMI for Xbox and DVI for PC. The NXE release in November caused all the sounds to stop(HDMI connection being recognized as How to connect your Xbox 360 using DVI to HDMI connection.It also shows you how to get sound to an external speaker or your gaming headset. It will allow a 1080p picture when using HDMI to DVI on a 1080p monitor. Xbox 360 HDMI. Eventually I changed a setting on the Xbox or applied an update it stopped workingA HDMI to DVI converter can work, I have done this with an old Xbox 360 (UK - PAL).The cinema display has no speakers - you may need to get sound from the Xbox via other adapters or Compatible with: PS3 XBOX360. Details: This PS3 HDMI To DVI Cable will allow a conversion between two types interfaces. High-Definition Multimedia Interface (HDMI) uses a smaller, user-friendly connector along with the DVI connector. I want to connect an Xbox to my monitor but it doesnt have HDMI. The DVI port is taken, so all that is left is the DisplayPort and the VGA port.If you want to offer something of the HDMI to DP variety please do, but at least post a link to something that will work as I have no idea if the 360 will support New Xbox 360 Slim 250gb Console,comes with 2 Controllers,2 Games,Headset for online gaming and all cables hdmi cable to hdmi cable hdmi to dviReceive listings by email for : hdmi to dvi xbox cape town. PS4, Xbox One, PS3, Xbox 360, Wii U - All of these consoles support HDMI.Obtain a video converter box for non-HDMI consoles. Youll need something to convert to HDMI or DVI to connect an old console to a new monitor. The HDMI to DVI is a high-definition video converter which convert HDMI digital signal to DVI-D digital signal and (analog or digital) audio signal. HDMI signals connection for PS3, for XBOX 360, Blu-ray DVD, HD Set-top Box, CRT / LED Display and more The DVI doesnt has audio channel, so I use a HDMI to DVI adaptor to connect it with my Xbox one.

I would like to also play sound through my 3.5mm input external speakers. It is easy to make the 360 to plug both the component audio and the HDMI to DVI in. I just an xbox 360 and I have only a DVI screen. I managed to get a DVI to HDMI converter socket. I connected my console to the screen and it worked fine. Then I proceeded to test a game and found out that there was no output of sound. Itll work for video, but DVI doesnt handle audio so youll have no sound if you use just an HDMI to DVI cable. SOURCE: no sound from my xbox 360. You cant have HDMI and the xomponent cables pluged in at the same time. to get audio to your monitor you will need an xbox 360 audio adapter.HDMI to DVI works better than HDMI to VGA because VGA only uses simple RBG scheme. Xbox 360 Dvi Cable - Compare prices on Xbox 360 Dvi Cable on Mvhigh to help you find the best deal, price, and store online.UGREEN HDMI to DVI 245 Male to Female Adapter Cable, HDMI to DVI-I Video Cord 1080P for Xbox 360, PS4, PS3, Apple TV, Roku, HDTV, Plasma, DVD and Projector. Basically, the HDMI handshake doesnt work correctly between some TVs and the Xbox. The TV tells the Xbox to only allow PC-like display options if its set to auto-detect the display settings. To fix this: Open the options on the Xbox Main Screen. Xbox 360 HDMI to DVI Problem!Xbox One HDMI to DVI Setup for Computer Monitor with Sound - Duration: 0:49. JakeRsGaming 2,128 views. That should work for your sound. I use one with my 360s VGA cable. Brinne. Member Since: October 17, 2002.i have a 30" HP LP3065c and i bought a dvi to hdmi converter hooked the hdmi both to my ps3 and my XBox 360 and they both dont work. i also have a samsung 42" plasma they both work Hdmi to dvi for xbox 360 no sound.HDMI SOUND Problem Conecting to TV. Sound over new 8800 GTS card via dvi- hdmi. HDMI vs DVI/VGA/S-videowhats your preference? Xbox One HDMI to DVI Setup for Computer Monitor.1. HDMI to DVI adapter. 2. A Y-Adapter for you sound input. 3. A standard HDMI cable.HDMI to VGA Cable (PCMonitor) - Cheap HD Gaming Setup PS3, PS4, XBOX, XBOX360 other devices. Xbox 360/Xbox One Ask a question Report Reply to this topic. hey guys so, I have an xbox 360 and I play it on my monitor with hdmi to dvi cable. the hdmi goes into the xbox and the dvi into my monitor but there is no sound, and I know that the dvi does not have sound :( . I saw a lot of solution like But isnt the whole point of HDMI to carry both audio and video HDMI to DVI label. Yes, but some cheaper TV brands leave out "features" in order to cut costs.wrong. my xbox360 is hooked up with only an hdmi cable and sound works just fine. whee 1080p. DVI-D Dual link Male 24 1 pin to HDMI Female 19 pin Adapter HDMI to DVI Gold Connector for HDTV PC LCD for XBOX 360 for PS3. US 1.31 / piece Free Shipping. - Works on XBOX 360, XBOX 360 ELITE - In video I used a XBOX 360 ELITE with a SAMSUNGAaro Bovellan: Does it have sound if i plug only hdmi to hdmi in? James Type1: Can someone helpI use hdmi to dvi and video works. but once I try putting in the composite cable my xbox starts to Yesterday I connected my XBOX 360 to my TV which is one of the early LCD models which does not have a HDMI port. Instead I have a DVI and a VGA ports and for the sound it has a 3.5mm Audio In port which it fine. Xbox 360 HDMIAudio Output. September 16, 2007 Collin Allen.1 cable works at a time. if hdmi to dvi is plugged only i get video. if composite is plugged only i get sound. note that i configured my monitor to 720 (also tried all resolutions given in the xbox screen resolution even optimal) but it still

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