javascript variable in html form value





Person 1 and Person 2 input their names and dates of birth in an HTML formCannot read property on of undefined How do I change the color of the snow in this snow script Firebase returns snapshot but cant access value How can I fill out a jagged multi-dimensional array with undefined in JavaScript? Use Javascript variable in PHP By Chayon Shaah Web Developer (Bengali). JavaScript Tutorial For Beginners 7 - JavaScript Variables.Javascript lesson 3 - accepting input from user using message box or html form. How To Get HTML Input Values Using jQuery. Recent Visited. a) How would I assign a variable value to the response created by the user to the Input? b) How can I style elements inside Javascript?inputElement.value will return the content of the html input. var unitInput document.getElementById("unit").value this is my code i am going to fetch the a and b value and will be assigned what i will give in my from. html input box can anybody help me how i have to do it. that variable should display in my ul and li class . javascript.