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Other. Send feedback. N/A. Child Safety. Lyrics: NCT U Without You (Hangul, Romanization and English translation).Album: Without You. [Doyoung] keobeorin aicheoreom Like a child that has grown up. honjadoen namucheoreom Like a tree that has been left alone. Free NCT U Without You Chinese Version Color Coded Chinese PinYin Eng Lyrics mp3.Free NCT DREAM WE YOUNG Chinese Ver Colorcoded Chinese Pinyin English Lyrics mp3. MBC MUSIC - (ShowChampion EP.183) NCT U - WITHOUT YOU. taeins - NCT 127 LIMITLESS ( ()) Lyrics (Color Coded/ENG/ROM/HAN).SMTOWN - NCT U WITHOUT YOU MV. NCT U - Without You (Chinese Version) (Color Coded Chi|Pin|Eng Lyrics) By Seunghyung. NCT Lyrics. Table of contents.[SMROOKIES] Because Of You (by Taeil The Merchant OST).

[NCT U] (The 7th Sense). [ NCT U] Without You. We do not have the lyric for this song yet.Latest Nct U Lyrics. Without You (Chinese Ver.

) lyrics Without You lyrics The 7th Sense lyrics. live without you. [Kun] B shng le shung yn Gn jue n zi shn bin Din ling gung mng Di w zu ch cng qin Gi w n wi [Jaehyun] B gun l yu du yun Im with you.Nct U lyrics | Lyricsty. Send "Without You (Chinese Ver.)" NCT U WITHOUT YOU (Chinese Ver.)NCT U is a new group and Ive fallen hard for Taeyong English lyrics below, please give me credit if used and tag me in it. Id love to. Home > ru > n > nct u > nct u - without you (chinese ver.) текст песни.live without you. [kun] b shng le shung yn gn jue n zi shn bin din ling gung mng di w zu ch cng qin gi w n wi [jaehyun] b gun l yu du yun im with you. TLCHARGER. Gratuit NCT U Without You Chinese Version Color Coded Chinese PinYin Eng Lyrics mp3. 192 Kbps 4.45 MB 00:03:23 40. NCT U WITHOUT YOU (Sung by Jaehyun (), Doyoung (), Taeil ()) Lyrics [Hangul Romanized English].To live and to endure If were together, itll be happier Well be endlessly connected cant live without you. [tabby titleCHINESE] xing d z shng zhng de sh min du Color Coded Lyrics [HAN/ROM/ENG]. 6 months ago. 160409 NCT U Without U ( Chinese) 7th Sense live at Top Chinese Music Awards. 2 years ago. NCT U WITHOUT YOU (Chinese Ver.) 04/09/2016 by breezyharris in KPOP, M-Pop, NCT U and tagged Doyoung, Jaehyun, Kun, NCT WITHOUT YOU, NCT WITHOUT YOU CHINESElyric, NCT WITHOUT YOU lyrics, Taeil, Without You, Without You colorRelated. Post navigation. nct u without you. Block B Toy . Without You is a debut single recorded by South Korean boy group NCT U. It was released on April 10, 2016 by S.M. Entertainment.Chinese Lyrics: . Composed by: Matt Schwartz, Ki Fitzgerald, John Reid. Lyrics and translation for WITHOUT YOU (Sung by KUN, JAEHYUN, DOYOUNG TAEIL) ( Chinese Version) by NCT U. KOREAN Apr 9, 2016 917 0 (3 votes, average: 5.00 out of 5) Genre: Rock Release live without you. [Kun] B shng le shung yn Gn jue n zi shn bin Din ling gung mng Di w zu ch cng qin Gi w n wi [Jaehyun] B gun l yu du yun Im with you.Lyrics Artists: N Nct U Without You (Chinese Ver.) Video clip and lyrics Without You (Chinese ver.) by NCT. w men y g d zh mng shng cn qu dng di h w yu tng yng shng hn tngLyrics was corrected by MurakamiAiko. Video was added by DayBreakBell. Comment who is your NCT U bias - Please do not re-upload or make another lyric video with my translation.It is the literal meaning in English and Chinese, you can interpret as you wish. NCT U WITHOUT YOU (Chinese Ver.) MV.NCT U - Without You Lyrics (easy lyrics). 00:03:24. SOURCE 2. LYRICS. 160409 Top Chinese Music con "Without You" (CN version) Cr: NCT Chile TaeIl JaeHyun Kun DoYoung.

N 2 Debut de NCT U China "The 7th Sense". Download MP3. Source 2. Lyrics. Filed Under: CPop Lyrics aviation y o u r my everything lyrics, praise u in the storm lyrics, want u back lyrics, chinese 4 u, chinese 4 u droylsden, u chinese buffet sheffield, u.s anthem lyrics, u and me lyrics. NCT DREAM - We Young (Chinese Ver.) Color Coded Lyrics [HAN/ROM/ENG] - Продолжительность: 3:44 blackvelvet 97 6 853 просмотра.(ShowChampion EP.183) NCT U - WITHOUT YOU - Продолжительность: 3:25 MBC MUSIC 407 876 просмотров. » K-POP Color Coded Lyrics « . Menu. Skip to content.NCT, Without You Chinese Leave a comment. Post navigation. NCT U WITHOUT YOU (Chinese Ver.) (Sung by , , ) Lyrics. Genre : Rock Release Date : 2016-04-10 Language : Mandarin. LT Korean, Chinese NCT U Without You (Chinese Ver.)If you dont have a songs lyrics dont do what you did here. Open a transcription request instead more. live without you. - nct u lyrics. nct u - without you (chinese ver.) lyrics are property and copyright of their owners and provided for educational purposes and personal use only. English Translation: Request Translations or Submit Lyrics Romanized: Keobeorin aicheoreom honjadoen namucheoreom Oerowo jichin nugungaui sesangeul bwa. Barago baraessdeongeol gyeolgugeun chajji Lyrics. April 9, 2016 by Cbuzz. NCT U WITHOUT YOU (Chinese Ver.)without you. xiang sui zhe chao shui zhang tui xiang li kai da hai pai huai wo jian jian pi juan jin tou que kan bu jian le yuan. Jika Hasil Pencarian Tidak Sesuai Silahkan Cari Ulang Pada Tombol Search Pada Menu Di Atas Dengan Nama Band/Artis/Judul Lagu/ Lyric dari Lagu Tersebut Terimakasih.NCT U WITHOUT YOU (Chinese Ver.) MV. LYRICS. [NCT U] Without You (Chinese Ver.) 2017/08/16 Colors: Purple Taeil (Moon Taeil) Aqua Kun (Qian Kun) Blue Doyoung (Kim Doyoung) Yellow Jaehyun (Jung Jaehyun) Like, Comment Without you. Nct u. Produced by Soo-Man Lee. WITHOUT YOU Lyrics. [Verse 1] . Скачать бесплатно музыку NCT U Without You Chinese Ver Colour Coded Chinese PinYin English Lyrics.mp3, Опубликован: Lily, Размер: 4.47 MB, Длительность: 3 minutes and 24 seconds, Битрейт: 192 Kbps. NCT U 2nd Digital Single Without You 01.Navigasi pos. < Previous [INDO SUB] 160616 NCT U at Idols of Asia Interview. Next > [ LYRICS] NCT U Without You (Chinese Ver). "Without You" lyrics. NCT U Lyrics. "Without You". [Romanized:] Keobeorin aicheoreom Honjadoen namucheoreom Oerowo jichin Nugungaui sesangeul bwa. NCT U - Without You (Color Coded Lyrics) [HAN/ROM/ENG].[Thai Sub] NCT U - WITHOUT YOU (Chinese Ver.) I do not own anything but Thai translation of the lyrics. Copyright is own by SM entertainment only. Watch the most viewed videos on Nct U Without You Chinese Lyrics on the entire internet and share them with your friends. bapse. NCT U Without You Chinese Version Color Coded Chinese PinYin Eng Lyrics - 00:03:23.Rom Han Lyrics NCT U WITHOUT YOU Sung By Jaehyun Doyoung Taeil Digital Single - 00:03:26. Download the song of NCT U — WITHOUT YOU (Chinese Version), listen to the track, watch clip and find lyrics.More lyrics: NCT U. The 7th Sense. WITHOUT YOU. Free download video Without You Nct U Chinese Lyrics Mp4.MV 12 April 2016 SMTOWN NCT U WITHOUT YOU (Chinese Ver.) MV - S.M.Entertainments new boy group, NCTs debut single WITHOUT YOU has been released. Album, album without you, album without you single, C-pop, china, Chinese, chinese lyrics, chinese version, cpop, eng, eng lyrics, eng meaning, Eng Sub, eng trans, eng translation, ge ci, geci, HanyuKyuhyun At Gwanghwamun (Chinese Version Single). NCT U. Without You Single. Translation for Without You (Korean Chinese Ver) By NCT U with the Romanization, Individual parts, color coded lyrics, and music video included. One Reply to NCT U Without You (Chinese Ver.) Scrummble saysPS: In common, Lyrics corresponds to , Composer corresponds to , and Arranger corresponds to in Chinese. Read write lyrics explanations. Highlight lyrics and explain them to earn Karma points. Nct U Without You (Chinese Ver.) lyrics.more artist lyrics. The 7th Sense. Without You. 3:27NCT U - Without You [EASY LYRICS] 3:26NCT U - Without You (Color Coded Lyrics) [HAN/ROM/ENG]. xn zic xinglin do yngyun Cant live without you xing suzhe choshu zhng tu xing lki dhi pihui w jinjin pjun jntu qu kn bjinFiled Under: C-Pop, Mandarin chinese pinyin, nct u profile, chinese pinyin translator, learn chinese pinyin, english to chinese pinyin, chinese 160409 NCT U Without you(Chinese Ver.)[Vietsub Kara] 160409 Top Chinese Music Award Without You The 7th Sense - NCT U. Song Lyrics NCT U - The 7th Sense [Hangul, Romaniz Song Lyrics Twice Cheer Up [Hangul, Romanizationhamkkeramyeon jogeum deo haengbokhaejyeo. kkeuteopsi yeongyeoldwae dasi. cant live without you. Chinese. NCT U WITHOUT YOU (Chinese Ver.) MV.NCT U - Cant Live Without You (Lyrics/Colour Coded) (Han/Rom/Eng). After previously the release their debut song The 7th Sense with 5 members, NCT U release a new single Without You with their vocal line, Jaehyun, Doyoung, Taeil, and Kun (in Chinese Version). Download and see lyrics translations of NCT Us debut song/previous single

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