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Bungie via their official Twitter Channel has announced that "Destiny: House of Wolves" patch release schedule has been changed slightly.Check out our interesting coverage: Destiny Patch 1.2.0 Might Arrive Tomorrow, Hidden Changelog Discovered By Reddit User via Bungie Website. The House of Wolves, on the other hand did not get a definite release date, with an estimatedAccording to an IGN report, a Reddit user claimed that the pack will be unlocked by that time.Destiny, Destiny Glimmer, Destiny Guide Destiny, Destiny Beta, Destiny Glimmer. permalink. Credit: Reddit user megamanexe4. The release of Destinys first expansion was preceded by a big leak of information, and the same seems to be happening for the popular shooters next add-on pack. A Reddit user claims to have dug up a wealth of details on House of Wolves Sign in / Join. Destiny House of Wolves Release Date Revealed.Official Destiny Expansion II: House of Wolves Prologue. 30 Minutes Of Assassins Creed: Origins - The Curse Of The Pharaohs DLC Gameplay. Share this post. Reddit. Pinterest. Email. Destinys second expansion is bringing a bigger, more rewarding competitive experience.Across the board, House of Wolves aims to make Crucible a more rewarding endeavour. Today were taking a look at Destinys latest expansion the House of Wolves which adds some more content to the core game but for a price which might not resonate so well with those who merely dabble lightly in the games delights. Brand new details for upcoming Destiny expansion House of Wolves have leaked online, including a possible release date for the DLC. Reddit user megamanexe4 somehow managed to access locked and hidden content in-game, going on to state that all of it will be available on the 19th of May. Details about Destinys next expansion, House of Wolves, including weapons and armor, as well as a potential release date, have appeared online.

Reddit user megamanexe64, who is playing the Japanese version of Destiny, discovered the details in the games files. An image that displays all the loot to be included in the upcoming House of Wolves expansion for Destiny has shown up on Reddit, yesterday.Vendors will also be receiving new pieces of armor, like they did with the release of The Dark Below, and 37 new ships are listed as well. House of Wolves will be Destinys second major addition, and will arrive nearly six months after Decembers The Dark Below add-on.

A similar amount of new content is expected as in The Dark Below, and in fact has already been detailed in a thorough Reddit leak. A hefty amount of information on Bungies upcoming Destiny expansion, House of Wolves, leaked online this week, including the possible release date, along with new weapons and armor. A Reddit user managed to gain access to the hidden future content via an unknown method. Facebook Twitter Reddit Pinterest Google StumbleUpon. Destinys upcoming DLC House of Wolves will be releasing soon alongside brand new gear which Im sure all of you are impatient to get your hands on. Destiny: House of Wolves - now available. By Curtis Moldrich.And now, following the first major expansion The Dark Below, it is set to release the second meaty downloadable content (DLC) for Destiny: House of Wolves . This article is about the DLC. If you were looking for the Fallen house, see House of Wolves (Fallen House). The Guardians have grown strong, and now the Queen of the Awoken has called upon them to hunt down the House of Wolves, Fallen subjects once loyal to the queen before their violent rebellion. Details about Destinys upcoming House of Wolves expansion, including a release date, have appeared online.An image allegedly displaying all the loot that will be included in the upcoming House of Wolves expansion for Destiny showed up on Reddit, yesterday. Thanks to the tireless efforts of Japanese reddit user megamanexe4, we now have some juicy Destiny rumors to be cautiously excited about.It was speculated previously that House of Wolves, Destinys next expansion, will be released on March 10th. Bungie, the creator of the first-person shooter game Destiny, announced during the San FranciscoIn early February, rumors about a March release date for The House of Wolves started circulating, whichAccording to an IGN report, a Reddit user claimed that the pack will be unlocked by that time. A new image that purports to show all of the loot included in the coming House of Wolves expansion pack for Bungies shooter Destiny appeared on Reddit onThe Raid will be called The Arena. "House of Wolves" does not have a release date, but Bungie has confirmed that it will contain Game developer Bungie announced that it will not release the Patch 1.2.0 today and a new release date was not revealed yet. In its official Twitter account, Bungie posted: "Our patch schedule for House of Wolves has changed slightly. It turned out it was May 19 that "House of Wolves" was unlocked on the game as a result of analyzing it. Moreover, the hot fix of Destiny using the"Johnson, whats going on?!?" "Sir, someones released detailed information on the HoW on reddit!" "Those scumbags. I knew this would happen someday! Share. But Bungie urges caution. By Luke Karmali. Details about Destinys upcoming House of Wolves expansion, including a release date, have appeared online. Reddit user megamanexe4 managed to find out the details through datamining the games files Details of the Destiny House of Wolves DLC have been leaked online ahead of its release later this year.The Reddit user also discovered a new faction and a level 32 weekly Nightfall strike. Strangely, they also predicted that House of Wolves would be released on May 19, but theres no indication as Remember, though: Nothing is confirmed. Bungie typically releases Destinys weekly update every Thursday on With the House of Wolves release date now confirmed, its fair to expect a flood of newReddit leapt on the info, sharing an infographic created by 4chan user MattWGordon. The leaked Destiny House of Wolves details have been published by Reddit user megamanexe4 who has found way to access the currently-hidden content within the Destiny game. Megamanexe4 has not revealed, obviously.been released so far, feel free to check out our article, Everything We Know About Destiny House Of Wolves: New Exotics, Areas, Activities and More. But while we can only know so much from Bungies official reveals, there is a constant stream of leaked information that circulates between Reddit House of Wolves will not have a Raid activity. We didnt make this decision lightly. Our team has been humbled by the reception of Raids in Destiny and we are creating a new Raid for a release later this year.Click to share on Reddit (Opens in new window). According to a recent rumor, Destiny House of Wolves release date may be sometime in May, and the level cap might be increased.Reddit user megamanexe4 recently posted online that, after finding a way to gain access to certain House of Wolves content, found that the DLC wont be available to the Reddit.Destinys House of Wolves DLC may end up being delayed, Life Is Strange Episode 3 is due out next Tuesday, and the magma red Dualshock 4 is set to release this summer in the US. First details for Destiny: House Of Wolves have begun to surface, with a possible release date leaked. Over on Reddit, Megamanexe4 gained access to currently-hidden content via some mysterious methods. Although shady, he claims that the update will launch on the 19th May 2015. Bungie earlier today accidentally revealed to European journalists the May 19 release date for House of Wolves, the next expansion for Destiny.A rumored May 19 release date for House of Wolves was part of a host of leaked info posted two months ago on Reddit. We are just days away from the release of Destinys House of Wolves DLC.Now, according to some new details leaked by a data miner on Reddit, Destinys weekly Nightfall next week will be from the House of Wolves DLC and will be called Shadow Thief strike. Reddit.One of the images from Destinys House of Wolves expansion. According to a recent post on r/DestinyTheGame by user megamanexe4, the games second DLC expansion, House of Wolves, is slated to release on May 19th. A post of Reddit has revealed a number of new items that will be coming to Destiny in the games House of Wolves DLC, as well as a possible release date. Share on: Facebook Twitter Reddit Google.The Destiny weekly update is here.

Bungie said that while it cant talk about House of Wolves right now, it will reveal the release date as well as a number of solid details this month. The leaked Destiny House of Wolves details have been published by Reddit user megamanexe4 who has found way to access the currently-hidden content within the Destiny game. Megamanexe4 has not revealed how the House of Wolves information was accessed A House of Wolves DLC info image has been linked from Reddit, showing the content which suppose to be in the new DLC for Destiny.The new DLC is planned to be released on March 10th 2015. Let us hope that the new raid will be very challenging and cheese-free, so that no one will be tempted to [Original Story] Bungie has released a trailer to the upcoming House of Wolves Expansion for Destiny.A few months back a Reddit user named megamanexe64 leaked a ton of information on upcoming Destiny expansions and changes. 2015 Under News. Tweet 1 Like Share Reddit. Remember the weekly refresh for Destiny which was to provide new activities including a new Weekly Heroic and Nightfall?Tagged With: activision, Bungie, Destiny, House of Wolves, ps3, ps4, xbox 360, Xbox One. So the next DLC for Destiny releases tomorrow at 10AM after a scheduled patch at 8AM. Any Fuwa-Guardians on PSN want to take up the mantle of blowing throOther Discussion. Gaming Talk. Destiny House of Wolves Release 5/19. Well, well, well, a Reddit user has apparently found some House of Wolves content in-game.Rumour: Destinys Second Expansion House of Wolves Will Enter Orbit in Maypushsquare.comget2sammyb. Share on Facebook Tweet Share Share Email Reddit Comment. Fan of shared world first-person shooter Destiny have much to look forward to in May.Hopefully House of Wolves will do its bit to rectify that.Bungie also revealed a calendar of events leading up to the release of the expansion. Destiny - HOUSE OF WOLVES DLC LEAKED! Leaked release date: May 19 2015! Light Level 34, new exotic and legendary vanguard and crucible armor, new raid and A Destiny player on Reddit looks to have dug upDestiny House Of Wolves Release Date Clarified, Third Expansion Confirmed. Bungie isnt finished with Destiny just yet. According to a post on Reddit by user megamanexe4, Destinys second DLC expansion House of Wolves will be released on May 19th. Along with this the user, who apparently doesnt speak English well but was able to translate his findings enough to get the info out The just released Destiny 1.1.1 patch has already been datamined by fans of the PlayStation and Xbox game to discover some new information for the House of WolvesReddit user megamanexe4 posted various images to the Destiny sub-Reddit he was able to access from his copy of the game. Reddit. The House of Wolves is the second expansion for Bungies "Destiny," and was released May 19, 2015. (Kip Hill). After more than 250 hours logged with Bungies " Destiny," I finally attained the weapon that is a consensus favorite as the best in the game. VIDEO: Destiny - Expansion II: House of Wolves Preview [05:46]. House of Wolves launches May 19 for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC. The DLC is included with the 35 Destiny Expansion Pass, or it can be purchased separately for 20. This is a pivotal time for Bungie. The studio is about to introduce major changes to the games reward mechanisms and content through its second DLC release, House of Wolves, scheduled for release on Tuesday May 19th. House of Wolves, Destinys second expansion, is coming May 19 for PlayStation 4, Playstation 3, Xbox One, and Xbox 360. Activision and Bungie confirmed the news after the release date was leaked earlier today. House of Wolves is the second DLC for Destiny, released on May 19, 2015. House of Wolves involves hunting members of the eponymous Fallen House who have betrayed the Queen of the Reef. A Kell Rising—Ishtar Sink, Venus. The Silent Fang—Cosmodrome, Earth.

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