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ANNUAL REPORT 2012. AP4 overshot short- and long-term return targets. The positive outcome contributed SEK 23 billion to the pension system, of which SEK 1.8 billion came from the Funds active management.Annual Report 2012 I 11. How does it affect return and risk? ANNUAL REPORT 2012-13. Page No. 47. Health Insurance other than Travel-Domestic/Overseas Personal Accident: Gross Premium and Number of Persons Covered.I.4.7.11 The four public sector insurers complied with the social sector obligations for 2012-13. Annual Report 2012 21. Non-trading items In 2012, there was a non-trading gain of US1.5 million reflecting a writeback of a provision for asset impairment made in relation to a managed hotel.10.4 8.6. 19.0.

11.7. Deutsche Bundesbank Annual Report 2012 8. II Work at the European levelAt the end of 2012, no holdings were reported under sub-item 11.1 (2011: 418 million). In the current financial year, these holdings are shown in assets sub-item 11.4. Bang Olufsen A/S . Annual report 2012/13 15. Key figures management Report Outlook governance annual Accounts Statements.Annual General Meetings 19 September 2013 Annual General Meeting 2012/13 11 September 2014 Annual General Meeting 2013/14. 8 Forbo Annual Report 2012 Letter to shareholders.

Well-positioned for 2013. Strengthening competitiveness and worldwide presence In the coming business year, we expect economic conditions to be similar to 2012. 6 Percentage is calculated based on data as of 31.12.2012 from the total number of shares, including treasury and preffered shares 7 Including 11 owned by CIC. 4 Annual report 2012 KazMunaiGas Exploration Production JSC. 2012. Annual report. tive performance indicators at a high level. The development strategy approved in 2012 is regularly reviewed and updated to be in line with existing market trends and the Banks developmental priorities. 10/11 has been re-presented to be consistent. The data up to and including 05/06 is statutory operating profit from 06/07 it is trading profit.Scan here to watch our video about Tesco Bank, or visit www.

tescoplc.com/ ar 2012/tescobankvideo. 20 Tesco PLC Annual Report and Financial Statements This report is also available on www.treasury.gov.za. Department: REPUBLIC OF SOUTH AFRICA. Mr P Gordhan Minister of Finance I have the honour of submitting the Annual Report of the National Treasury for the period 1 April 2012 to 31 March 2013. State Administrative Tribunal Western Australia Annual Report 2012-2013 11.42 of mediations involved only one session, 29 involved two sessions, 15 involved three sessions, 7 involved four sessions and the remaining 7 of matters involved between five and eleven sessions (down from 14 Annual Report 2013. Business and CSR Review.Effective from 2012, Sony has integrated its printed annual and corporate social responsibility (CSR) reports into one report that provides essential information on related developments and initiatives. Annual Report 2012-13 11. Chapter 2: Economy and the Plan- An Overview.3.7.11 The Outlay for General services has been kept at Rs.8,700.67 crore in 2012-13, which includes Rs.945.00 crore for Administration of Justice, Rs.50.15 crore for General Secretarial Services, Rs.7,292.07 crore for The full range of achievements and activities described in this 2012 Annual Report are a testimony to the spirit of cooperation and consensus that permeates this Organization and its relations with the stakeholders it serves.2.7 12.6 6.3 6.2 6.6 1.7 -4.3 11.7 5.0 3.2. Source.— Annual Report 2012. This is an English translation of the Italian language original Bilanci 2012 that has been prepared solely for the convenience of the reader.7 11 13. 17. Annual Report 2012 5. ii) Verification of Power Grid Development iii) Expansion of domestic and international open procurement/introduction of smart meters.Annual Report 2012 11. Millions of yen, unless otherwise noted. Major customers The three major customers accounted for 11,10 and 10 of 2012s total revenue (2011: 12, 10, and 9). These revenues are attributable across both reportable segments. gategroup annual report 2012 | 51. Handelsbanken | annual report 2012. The group chief executives comments. Bank had 133 branch ofces in its increasingly comprehensive nationwide branch network. ANNUAL REPORT 2012. M.video retail indicators growth in 2012 (as to 2011). The total growth in sales of more than 19 was achieved due to the average basket increase by 7 and growth in the overall number of transactions by 12 thanks to the opening of the new stores. Annual Report 2012. Auditors SYFUL SHAMSUL ALAM CO. Chartered Accountants Paramount Hights (level-6) 62/2/1, Box Culvert Road Purana Palton, Dhaka-1000.During the year 2012 the Board Audit Committee conducted 11 (Eleven) meeting and discussed Audit Reports of 50 branches Microsoft Word - SME PR 2016 Final Annual Report 7-11-2016 clean.Table 5: Difference between the profitability of SMEs and large enterprises in the non-financial business sector (excluding real estate) by country, average level for 2012 and 2013. 3 Deutsche Bank Annual Report 2016. Letter from the Chairman of the Management Board 3.Since its creation in 2012, NCOU has disposed of around 120 billion in risk weighted assets over 90 of its original portfolio and contributed a capital benefit equivalent to around 8.5 billion. Interactive Annual Report 2012 avail-able on w w w.aeroflot.r u. Aeroflot was a prizewinner at the Company of the Year 2012 National34 Aeroflot Group | Annual Report 2012. 6. Securities.In 2012 interline agreements with 11 airlines were termi-nated, due mainly to mergers and acquisitions. Annual Report 2012 11. Report of SCBPL Shariah Advisor. For the year ended December 31, 2012.7.11 Unrealized gain / (loss) on revaluation of investments classified as held for trading. 2012. 2011. Annual Report 2015. Regional Member Countries. 1 Algeria 2 Angola 3 Benin 4 Botswana 5 Burkina Faso 6 Burundi 7 Cabo Verde 8 Cameroon 9 Central African Republic 10 Chad 11 Comoros 12 Congo 13 Congo Reporting We issued our second public sustainability report (cover ing 2011) in the last quarter of 2012.Annual reporting will continue this year with the publication covering progress and changes in 2012. European Court of Human Rights Annual Report 2012. mechanism, which has been fully operational since June 2010.Abdulkhakov v. Russia, no. 14743/11, 2 October 2012, no. 156 Ill-treatment by police of journalist attempting to report on a matter of public interest and inadequate investigation Annual Report 2012. KEY FIGURES ZRAAT BAnK InTERnATIonAl AG.Management report 11. Annual Financial statements 23. In addition, the Annual Report emphasizes the WCOs philosophy, history, and current activities, and includes anThe 2012 IT Conference and Exhibition is the 11th organized by the WCO and follows the success of those held in5.1 11.9 11.7a.h 11.7a.h 19.4 3.7 10.2 17.8c 17.9c 6.0h 9.6 12.5 11.3. Annual Report 2012. The overarching theme and main focus of IDA16 is the delivery of development results. Special themes include crisis response, gender, climate change, and fragile and conflict-affected states.44,197 14,550. Annual Report 2012. FY11. 84.3 57.2. 9.7 10.6 11.7 - 0.7 point 4.0 8.5 2.5 points.Operating Review. ANNUAL REPORT 2011/2012. 021. Singapore Airlines customers can now keep updated even during flights with happenings around the world, by viewing the latest news headlines on KrisWorld via a news ticker Annual Report 2012. A Message from the President. Our management priorities are to accurately gauge market trends and customer needs, allowing us to respond rapidly with flexibility in our approach to business. 2 EDB Annual Report 2012/2013. 2012 was a challenging year for the global economy. Nevertheless, the EDB achieved yet another year of record investment commitments, reflecting the continued strength of investor interest in Singapore.12.9 13.7 11.8. Med MoU Annual Report Year 2012. THE COMMITTEE The Fourteenth Committee Meeting was held in Izmir Turkey on October 9- 11, 2012. The meeting was hosted by Maritime Authority of Turkey. ANNUAL REPORT 2012. Contents. 4 BMW group in figures.Good sales performance was also recorded in France, with 11,441 mo-torcycles handed over to customers ( 11.7 ). I am pleased to present to you the OJSC Enel OGK-5 2012 Annual Report. The year 2012 was marked with a series of milestone events both in our Company and in Russias political and economic life.The transaction reached financial close on 11 May 2012. Annual Report 2012. Laura Ashley is proud to have received the 2011 Website of the Year awards in two categories for Housing and Interior sites from MetrixLab.laura ashley holdings plc Annual Report 2012. 11. Executive and Supervisory Bodies Annual Report 2012. 11.Executive and Supervisory Bodies Annual Report 2012. Dr. Hans Michael Gaul, Dsseldorf Harold Hrauf, Eggsttt former Managing Partner, HSBC Trinkaus Burkhardt KGaA. Annual Report 2012-2013. Gateway of 165 Km Yamuna Expressway connecting Noida to Agra.(a) bring copies of Annual Report sent to the Members as copies of Annual Report shall not be distributed at the Annual General Meeting 11.7 16.5 13.9 6.4 16.3.Tkh group annual report 2012. TKHs objective is to achieve an above-average annual increase in earnings per share. Wed, 02/14/2018 - 11:53.Download the Complete 2012 Annual Report FSOC Annual Report. Download Individual Sections. Most of the production of Bathroom Ceramics is made at our own production facilities with an output in 2012 of 11.7 million pieces.As of the date of this Annual Report, June 2013, members of Sanitecs top management team are as follows Trade me group annual report 2012 11.Trade me group annual report 2012 37. 10 largest NZCSD shareholders as at 31 August 2012. New Zealand Central Securities Depository Limited provides a custodial service that allows electronic trading of securities to its members. Annual Report 2012 Allianz SE. 5. In our meeting on 13 September 2012, we first dealt extensively with the strategy of the A llianz Group, including its risk strategy and the realignment of lifeFor the Supervisory Board: Dr. Helmut Perlet Chairman. Annual Report 2012 Allianz SE. 11. Goulburn broken catchment management authority annual report 2012-13.Outcomes of significant investment ending in 2012-13. In the three years from 2010- 11 to 2012-13, the Commonwealth Government invested close to 13 million through the Caring for our Country program ANNUAL REPORT 2012. Inclement weather negatively affected crop production in many of the producing and exporting regions, which led to decrease in global grain production at the end of 2012. However, fast growth in prices for grain 7-11/11/2012 - Participation in the exhibition of Cen-tres of Excellence within the Week of Science and Technology in Slovakia 2012.This part of Annual Report 2012 was verified by Prof. Dr. Ing. Jozef Peterka. 8 Nestl Annual Report 2012. (1) On the date of the Annual General Meeting. (2) Chairmans and Corporate Governance Committee.Enhanced position, enhancing life The highlight of 2012 was the acquisition of Pfizers Wyeth Nutrition business for USD 11.85 bn. Annual Report 2012. NLB Group is the largest Slovenian banking and financial group. As at December 31, 2012, it comprised NLB and 45 banks and companies.The effect of efforts to control labor costs was seen in a 11.7 decrease in the number of employees between 2010 and 2012. Annual report 2012. Contents. 1. Company Information 2. Profile 3. Mission / Vision Statement 4. Statement of Compliance with.Balance Sheet 11. Profit and Loss Account 12. Statement of Comprehensive Income 13.

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